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Auto Mute 4.5

Auto Mute mutes your laptop automatically until you enable it again
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Auto Mute is a small but useful tool that allows you to control the volume of your sound card. It offers you six options.
The first option allows you to automatically execute "Auto Mute" on startup. The second option allows you to silence the audio when you log off, when the system is suspended or shut down. By default, if the Mute option is enabled on shutdown, your computer will be silent the next time you start it up. This is very useful because you do not have to worry about listening the usual sound at Windows startup. This is also useful if the audio volume was high and you forgot to lower it in your previous session.

The third option enables/disables the sound if your current session is blocked. The fourth option works only if you have enabled a screen saver. The fifth option allows you to turn on/off the general volume of your computer. You can also set shortcut keys to execute this function or double-click the Auto Mute system tray icon. The sixth and the last option alerts you with a beep sound that the Mute feature has been disabled.

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  • It automatically mutes the sound of your computer when it starts, logs off, or shuts down


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